Prank Patrol

ABC's TV serries Prank Patrol required a internet based game, Race around Australia in the Prank patrol van with Scotty. The game was actually based of the successfull Christmas game I developed - Visual jazz Office Racer, forming the basic structure of the game mechanics/track layout which was inspired by games like Mario Kart. 

Game design and mechanics. In addition to what had been done with Office Racer, I created a visual que for the boost effect. Having a rocket booster literally pop out of the top of the van. This among other arcade features like exaggerated lean and minor flight control really took this build to the next level.




Created all 3d components - models, textures and animations.
Developed script components (unity3d).
Assisted art direction


Credits | agency: Visual Jazz | client : ABC | artist : Aron Tardini

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