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This project is a balance between the design of form and function. I wish to retain a factory designed theme and use as much of the manifold as possible whilst utilizing existing factory components from other models. The budget is set to an absolute minimum, created with minimal specialist tools. Design will be done in CAD with 3D visualizations. The completed unit is to be used in my project car. This project will form the foundation of Research and development towards a continued project using aluminium casting process.

The final unit should not exceed the current physical size of 5lt fuel injected manifold and clear a closed bonnet. Support for fuel rails will be retained but despite this, the final application will be used for straight LPG via twin gas research throttle body’s. The snout will be driven from a factory air con drive.

Why im going bananas – Holden’s design of the 5lt efi manifold. Its made to be a peace of art. Who ever designed it took great care in the details. The 5lt engine in its final revision was symmetrical, the ornamental covers cast in metal, flowing on towards the rocker covers of equal quality. everything was perfect. I must admit I am biased as I previously owned a 220i VT Senator, when ever i opened the bonnet I could see were the design was and were it could have gone had it not met its fate. So in respect to Holden and their efi 5lt manifold I want to make this design as though it were drafted by Holdens engineers.

Split Banana’s – whats sweet about them?
From a glance the manifold is obviously made from aluminium, which is great to work with and alter from the home garage. The manifold was made in several sections then lovingly welded together in what i can only explain as cut and shut process. The plenum running along the valley is generous and can be removed without ruining the port runners. The throttle inlet is on an elbow, independent to the water thermostat housing. Its design is built perfectly for a project manifold.

This weekend i will update this post with some 3d visualizations that form the actual design I have chosen to go ahead, detailing what factory hardware ill use and what alterations will be made to the manifold  and what area’s of design i am still working on.

Some previs renders of what i plan to do. When i finish the cad ill post of sketch views and some visualization with it dissected to show how it will go together.

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